Artist Statement

       My artistic journey has been a life-long creative process of striving to embrace harmony, peace and beauty. The art just happens. I do not relish explaining or describing my art... what you see is what you get.  My art will likely bring a smile to your face, and I am elated to share and show you my perspective on life. I paint stories with watercolour, oil, gouache and genuine gold foil. Embracing new ideas, my artistic thoughts illuminate my daily life. 

    Since some of my paintings are so large, I am most often asked how long it takes me to complete one--I don’t know. I don’t keep track of time. When I am absorbed in painting, I lose myself in my own little world. Usually I enjoy listening to classical, Latin or Jazz music while I paint.

    The sun shines and the trees dance in my painted land. The sky is alive with stars and moons that kiss the mountain peaks, buildings sway and tilt, roads wander into graceful landscapes filled with flowers, and people engaged in everyday life are part of that scene. Much of my work is outlined in gold or silver brushstrokes, singing with rich colour. The natural wilderness surrounding me is a constant inspiration. I have a respect and reverence for our grand creator.

Virginia Ann Hemingson                       copyright 2018